Trang chủ Tin Tức How to Set Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) to Optimize Sales Performance

How to Set Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) to Optimize Sales Performance

Key performance indicator or KPI is a very familiar concept to the sales force. A successful salesperson is the one that is capable of controlling and well completing his or her KPIs, but to do that, it largely depends on the strategy at management level. When the management adopts the strategy to set reasonable sales targets, it will help optimize employees’ performance; on the contrary, excessively high KPIs will make employees give up easily, but excessively low KPIs will not optimize their performance.

KPIs should be set up by week, month, or year, and the managers must know how to balance between actual performance of the company and employees and ensure that those KPIs are achievable and measurable. The difficulties faced by Enterprises are how to effectively set up and manage appropriate KPIs for each employee, and employees’ KPIs must be regularly updated so that employees may improve their sales skills to achieve such KPIs. Therefore, many Enterprises are currently applying software technology solutions to the setup and management of KPIs.

Please refer to HQsoft’s eSales Cloud DMS solution for Key Performance Indicator setup process to find the best solution for your business:

Step 1: The System Will Help Enterprises Set Up Their Sales Targets:

eSales Cloud DMS solution system allows users to set up a variety of KPIs, including such details as KPI code, KPI content, subject of application for each KPI, type of KPI, etc. Based on these details, managers can easily apply different KPIs to each employee. A variety of KPIs: Coverage, LPPC, PC, New Point of Sales, ASO/UB, Core Items, etc.

Then, the system will help managers set up individual KPIs for each employee, control the start and end dates of each KPI, possibly set up targets by day, month, or business cycle depending on the manager’s and company’s plans.

Step 2: Manage sales targets on the system:

Information on daily and monthly sales achieved by each employee will be displayed on the management-level screen. In addition, upon accessing each employee code, the manager will know his or her active status and performance in the market, including the sales targets that he or she has achieved.

Based on the system, the administrators will have the most comprehensive view of the performance of his or her direct employees. Then, he or she will be able to make reasonable adjustments and formulate the most optimal strategies.

Step 3: Update the data.

Our system solutions demonstrate outstanding advantages when a salesperson finishes and that order is approved on the system. Software installed on the employee’s device screen will automatically update every 5 minutes so that each salesperson and his or her managers can accurately follow up his or her sales and targets.

In addition, when unreasonable sales targets are set up for salespersons, the system will allow users to edit KPIs on the system so as to ensure the optimal fit to each individual employee.

Step 4: Prepare sales performance and KPI reports easily:

Employees’ performance are evaluated based on intuitive reports, statistical reporting, automated system analysis, and integration with managers’ mobile devices, which can be easily managed and tracked at any time.

Based on such reports, the managers may formulate an appropriate incentive strategy for their employees and departments to help systematize the business process of the enterprise. In addition, with the highly flexible and integrated eSales Cloud DMS solution from HQsoft, we can integrate a wide variety of suitable reports for each of industrial categories.

Based on our system solution, each employee evaluation will become an easy task that can be scientifically performed in a faster and more accurate manner.

Please find more details about our solution Here.

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