Trang chủ Tin Tức Limit Loss And Increase Revenue With Professional Promotion Management.

Limit Loss And Increase Revenue With Professional Promotion Management.

Trade Marketing is an increasingly important role in points of sale. This department will make customers more and more loyal to the products and brands of the Enterprise.

The point of sale has a great influence on the purchasing decision of consumers. Displaying goods, promotions, and making identification images at the point of sale is the key to the success of a brand, so please go with DMS software.

The task of the Trade Marketing department is to plan strategies to support the sales department. In addition to managing product display images at the point of sale, Trade Marketing also offers promotions to consumers to promote the consumption of goods in the market.

However, the implementation of the trade marketing department faces challenges when managing promotions in stores. Without appropriate management tools, even though the store has business and has achieved revenue, the promotion program will not promote its benefits and control the goods and products.

Above all, when at the time of the season, promotions are mass-launched in the market, management cannot get an exact number to report, or may make a statistical table at the end of the period but still did not get good results.

Usually, management levels plan to gather employees to each promotion point, make statistics and record the numbers, and then transfer them to the management department for synthesis. But through the process of working, I feel that this work has many shortcomings, not to mention the loss due to “cooking data”.

Seeing the difficulties of Enterprises, the DMS solution has perfected the features of managing promotions. Currently, this tool is the most optimal solution for manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Benefits that DMS solution with promotion management feature brings to Enterprises

Optimal Revenue Management

For promotions that are launched continuously, when the Enterprise applies a DMS solution that allows store owners to choose forms of discount, promotion on each item, or promotion on each order.

The system will automatically update the information and automatically deduct the percentage of the promotion that the store owner has agreed to in advance. The automation will assist in providing accurate numbers without taking too much time as before, as well as avoiding unnecessary cases of confusion.

Professional goods management

Each operation on the orders will be recorded by the software, the staff will record the sales quantity as well as promotional goods. The automatic system will automatically update the inventory, the import and export process is also recorded and gives accurate inventory management results.

Support sales activities

Instead, employees come to the market with a lot of promotional papers to introduce, look up information, and update information for customers. With DMS software, promotions are updated on the system, and sales staff will introduce products more professionally and effectively.

One of the key issues in promotion management is data management, so the application of DMS software will ensure that goods are always controlled and transparent, which is what business owners care about.

Accurate reporting system

When applying the DMS solution, at the end of the promotion program, the system will automatically Claim information about products, quantity,  revenue, etc. for the management level. Control the goods each time, and optimize the promotion strategies later.

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