Digital transformation brings many benefits to many fields. The agricultural sector is also gradually shifting to digitalizing all processes, making management and operations more professional. In particular, for businesses distributing agricultural products, the application of digital technology will help improve productivity, quality, and efficiency in distribution channel management.

Joining the trend of digital transformation in the agricultural sector, agricultural businesses are setting many goals to achieve. When processes are realized through digitalization, the problem of productivity and efficiency in business will be solved. This will help agricultural businesses achieve better results.

Digital transformation in agriculture is the process of applying digital technologies from production to processing, distribution, and consumption of agricultural products, helping to form digital agriculture and smart agriculture.

Especially in distribution management, when digital technology is applied, it will help businesses make decisions faster and more accurately thanks to a smart, thorough, and timely reporting analysis system. For the sales team, digital transformation also helps increase operating efficiency, cut operating costs, increase market coverage, and reach more customers.

Effective distribution channel management is one of the key factors contributing to the success of an agricultural business. However, choosing a suitable solution is not easy. In addition to the main features that meet the requirements, some businesses also have more specialized feature requirements.

Understanding the concerns and needs of agricultural businesses, HQSOFT provides a useful solution in distribution channel management and is ready to specifically design according to business requirements. HQSOFT’s eSales DMS solution will help optimize the distribution process and improve the productivity and quality of agricultural products.

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The value chain of eSales DMS solution for the agricultural materials and agricultural chemicals industry

Synchronize data on the management system

In the agricultural industry distribution chain, information is not only important for sales staff but also for authorities, businesses, and research organizations. Inaccurate information can lead to erroneous and ineffective decisions in the management, production, and consumption of agricultural and aquatic products. Thereby providing accurate and timely information, helping businesses easily analyze and provide statistical data and predict market trends.

Optimize sales activities of market staff

For market development staff, web and mobile sales applications can easily exploit product information, save time, and cut down on paperwork during work. In addition, sales staff are also supported through training sessions, online consultation, and documents from leading experts in the field of agriculture.

Improve management efficiency

With superior features from Supply Planning, Purchasing, Logistics, Production, Sales, Accounting, and Management Dashboard, plus a standard Project Management module for the agricultural industry, it will help reduce costs. Minimize manual operations, and increase labor productivity and competitiveness of businesses in the market.

Inventory management

Inventory management helps employees easily check the quantity of imported and exported goods in the warehouse. This is a way to help managers easily control production plans and propose appropriate business plans.

In addition, batch and expiration management features help market staff easily monitor product quality and plan product distribution before expiration dates to avoid waste. At the same time, ensure product quality by regulations.

Increase market coverage

Market coverage is one of the fundamental factors that determine the development and growth of businesses in today’s competitive business environment.

When using DMS software, businesses will be provided with real and accurate data, thereby helping managers easily monitor product coverage and control the market. Enterprises proactively deploy sales strategies and respond to market fluctuations to ensure revenue and increase brand recognition.

With the combination of technology and understanding of the agricultural field, eSales DMS Solution will be a streamlined solution and bring quick efficiency in distribution channel management. At the same time, it contributes to shaping a sustainable future for Vietnam’s agricultural industry in the future.
New Direction in Agriculture – Distribution System Management Solution in Agriculture.

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