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New Direction In Agriculture – Distribution System Management Software In Agriculture.

The application of technology in agriculture is demonstrating superiority over traditional agriculture. In Vietnam, the emergence of enterprise support software as the distribution system management software solution in the agricultural sector has assisted enterprises systematize the whole process from production, distribution and business, etc. This is a new trend for the agricultural sector in the future.

Problems Faced by Lack of A Distribution Management System in Agricultural Sector:

The most difficult problem in distribution management in Agricultural sector is the systematization of production line. The production of agricultural products has encountered many difficulties such as lack of raw materials in production, lack of working capital, fierce market competition, and especially the problem of counterfeit goods and more.

One of other reasons is the effective management of the distribution system: control over output, input, inventory, debt, and balance of production volume that the market needs, measurable seasonal factors, improved go-live products, etc. These will become big challenges when enterprises are expanding.

Salesperson management has shortcomings when managers spend too much time managing working time of employees and always worry about how to know whether employees are on time, if the employees have achieved superior’s set targets or not, how much time they use to work, the order is optimized or not?

Managing and improving the system with System Management software solutions:

For the established reasons, Enterprises need to approach new markets and build and systematize the production and distribution processes. Distribution System Management Software in Agriculture will address the following issues:

  • Distribution channel: systematize sales process from distributor to Enterprise and vice versa, and the enterprise is active in controlling the inventory to optimize its distribution chain.
  • Market coverage: With Enterprise software, you will be provided with real and accurate data that will help you to be proactive in deploying your sales strategies in the market. Enterprises are also active when there are personnel changes in the distribution system and they may easily set up new distributors and distribution areas for new sales teams.
  • Inventory management: With automated production lines, the company can manage inventory by using QR-code, bar code, batch number, etc., ensuring efficient inventory control. Beside, the software system is designed specifically to help enterprises stop poor quality and fault products in the system.
  • Deal with promotion and after-sales issues: Promotions from simple to complex are also managed on the system to help companies measure and control their budget and implementation of promotions on each order or point of sale.
  • Effectively solve the problem of salesman management: The performance of sales team is also monitored and promoted to maximize the efficiency through specific KPIs with accurate and efficient measurement methods and tools.
  • Market measurement: The system will record history of orders, automatically summarize statistical data, and return the most accurate results, support the administrator to create effective production strategies, ensure the balance between supply and demand in the market.

It is undeniable that software distribution system management solutions bring about business efficiency, but the investment in management system costs quite a lot of time and cost. Therefore, enterprises need to know their software vendors well, about their experience and how enterprises have successfully applied their solutions. The ultimate goal is to reduce the cost of doing business and increasing sales.

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