As a brand representative to introduce product information, attract customers and act as the bridge between the company and the consumers, PG is increasingly important for some Enterprises today.

The name PG is probably not strange to everyone. PG is the abbreviation of Promotion Girl. Depending on each program, the task of the PGs may be different. It may be said that PGs are those who sell goods on behalf of the Enterprise, help the Enterprise have a good image, make contributions to the success of the program or event… This is the department that approaches the customers  fastest and assist the sales staff in achieving most goals.

PG solution

PG can be considered as the brand “face” of Enterprises. The smallest mistake caused by the PG can also affect the image of the company, so the PG manager plays a very important role. He/She must orientate, guide and manage the PG team to improve their performance. Moreover, the number of people in the PG team in a large Enterprise is the same as the team of sales staff. They work in shifts, can move to multiple sales locations, so the challenge posed to the managers is how to control the quality and performance of the inferior?

Previously with the paper management method, managers must go to each sales location to check the work quality of the staff on a daily basis, promotional products to be recorded on the paper are inaccurate; furthermore, monthly meetings must be held 4 or 5 times to inform tasks, report and statistics, which are time-consuming. Recognizing that the management method should be changed, the Enterprise Owners rely on software technology to control and manage their employees.

eSales Cloud DMS software solution that is integrated with the superior features of cloud computing technology will satisfy all of Enterprises’ needs and support Enterprises to conduct the management conveniently and easily.

Essentials that the PG management solution brings to Enterprises are:

  • Search an employee`s coordinate: Enterprises can monitor the location and coordinate of PGs via GPS, and also manage the working time of PGs.
  • Divide sales routes effectively, based on the determined area. Display suggestions of roads in the Customer visit plan according to the sales route, helping PGs to navigate and save time.
  • Enterprises can manage all sales activities at stores through PG: Manage the inventory at sales locations, goods sold out at sales locations, and Record sales orders.
  • Manage the display at sales locations: Rely on PG software to care for the goods displayed under regulations. The software supports taking display photos show sent to Enterprises.
  • The software supports Enterprises to avoid loss and improve work efficiency in promotion programs, giving gifts, sample products, and bonuses to customers ….
  • Enterprises also should pay attention to recording market information, and competitors to find out the best direction.
  • In addition, the software supports PG management through the set KPIs to optimize the performance of the employees.

Thus, the use of the software will help Enterprises save costs for controlling and improving the work quality of the PG team, increase the competitiveness on the market, focus on business strategies rather than the employee control through the Manager system.

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