Trang chủ Tin Tức MERAP GROUP digitizes distribution system management with HQSOFT’s eSales Cloud DMS

MERAP GROUP digitizes distribution system management with HQSOFT’s eSales Cloud DMS

Merap Group – the leading pharmaceutical corporation in Vietnam and owns many leading brands such as OSLA eye drops, XISAT deep sea water, EFODYL antibiotic, and Shema feminine hygiene milk… This product has received the trust of the quality, and effectiveness of treatment and the trust of doctors, pharmacists as well as consumers.

With the orientation to become the No. 1 domestic pharmaceutical distribution company in Vietnam, Merap Group constantly develops a nationwide system and always aims to exceed customer expectations with services. The fastest and most unique. Therefore, Merap Group decided to invest in DMS system management software to achieve the vision and mission that Merap Group has set.

Challenges faced by Merap Group before implementing DMS

  • Managing the sales team “manually” and this approach is not very effective because the company still cannot know exactly: Where is the pharmacist going? Doing what? Are you following the correct pharmacy care procedures? How is the work efficiency during the day?
  • With the specificity of the drug, the product has an expiration date and needs software to check the expiration date. Because if the drug has expired and is not controlled, it will cause a lot of damage to human health
  • Difficulty in managing contractor contracts and customers’ debts
  • Difficulties in sales management: Sales management includes order/return management, price policy management for each channel, implementation of promotions, displays, and industry ranks industry has made it more difficult for a pharmaceutical company to manage sales. In addition, it will also be more difficult to manage sales manually.

Solutions that HQSOFT provides

  • Provide a solution to manage a team of pharmacists: The software helps pharmacists easily look up all information by phone to proactively arrange and control work plans. Thereby improving the working efficiency of the pharmacist
  • Real-time inventory management: Provide solutions to help Merap Group solve the problem of drug storage and check the expiration date before delivering to agents or drug sales points. Easily update and accurately manage inventory in the market specific to each item and update continuously every day, every hour
  • Provide contract management function to help businesses easily track and timely update to support customers
  • Distribution channel information management: the software supports Merap Group to store and manage detailed and complete pharmacy system information: address, contact information, contact person, company name, and the number of ordered goods… centralized on one online system.
  • ETC channel management: The pharmacist can easily manage the list of customers to schedule customer visits based on the assigned bidding contract.​ Install and calculate sales for the Pharmacist in charge of each product above the contract.

Results that Merap Group received after implementing eSales Cloud DMS

  • Manage distributor information across the country centrally on a single system.
  • View summary reports quickly, store and manage scientific report systems, and easily look up and filter reports.
  • Build a team of professional pharmacists
  • Develop a process to visit the point of sale appropriately, and help the pharmacist to work on the right line.
  • Improve the proactiveness of pharmacists in their work, thereby improving work efficiency
  • The information images of the point of sale, display, promotional goods, and existing goods are always updated accurately to help capture the sales situation easily.
  • Save management costs and report statistics, easily update continuous market fluctuations, and survey sales – promotions, thereby easily making market access strategies

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