Trang chủ Tin Tức Q-Day Traditional day of HQSOFT – Internal connection

Q-Day Traditional day of HQSOFT – Internal connection

The traditional day, 15 August annually is always an important day for all employees of HQsoft. This is a day for us to honor the boys who have worked hard and are dedicated to HQsoft during a year.

Q-Day is also an occasion to recognize the great contributions of HQ boys to the team, their support for the female at work and in the life. Here, the female of HQ organize games, publications, and gifts to create the motivation and excitement for the male so that they can better complete their work.

 All people in HQsoft has had a fun time, right to the motto of the company is “All gear up for  work, all gear up for play”;  the games also made us have a closer colleagueship  so that everyone can share and support each other at work as well as in the life.

On the traditional day, the games also attach a great importance to the team spirit with the meaning that the success of HQsoft does not come from an individual, but from the team, the community.

HQsoft believes that with a young, healthy and dynamic team we will do more than today. On this foundation, we will promote more to further develop, be more perfect, and deserve with the expectations of customers who trust us.

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