Today, Enterprises are striving to improve their business processes, competitiveness, production line, and above all, Enterprises are focusing the investment in talent development. In addition, it’s important to mention the key and leading role of the Sales Director or Business Director. This is the resources and factors to create the success for each company.

Multinational corporations are looking for Sales Directors who can plan strategies, optimize profits, minimize costs incurred to Enterprises, conduct leading works, guide and train employees. Currently, talented Business Directors have a very high remuneration, but they need to have enormous pressures on business administration as well as corporate administration. So how to become a talented Sales Directors? This article will provide some supporting tools to help you become an excellent administrator in the future.

First, we will find out about the roles of Sales Directors in Enterprises

They will do the works closely related to sales management, management over the business team. More accurately, the goals of sales directors will focus on turnover, control business processes, organize and propose business strategies for Enterprises.


  • Urge staff to work, encourage, develop and train them to become good employees of the company.
  • Set up business strategies for the company, manage business processes, and partnerships.
  • Work and create relationships with Customers to ensure the satisfaction of Customers with products, services and personnel of the company.
  • Develop, evaluate and analyze markets and customers. Be clear-headed in changing business strategies.

Make sure the budget invested appropriately. Control and analyze costs to boost up the business efficiency.

Therefore, sales directors play a very important role in the company, and they have difficulties and challenges to overcome.

What are challenges posed to the Sales Directors in the modern time?

Pressures on turnover will always increase by time, making the Sales Directors headache about how to optimize the sales.

Pressure on reports? Weekly, monthly or quarterly, it’s required to made detailed and accurate reports to the board of directors. For paper reports, it takes a lot of time to synthesize while Sales Directors need quick numbers to make sales decisions.

Pressure on staff management when they have to go on business trips regularly and it`s impossible to update the working situation of the employees? It’s often difficult to make sales decisions when there are not enough figures.

Constant concerns are “data cooking”, discrete systems covering the market just through judgments.

Secrets of becoming a professional sales director:

How to optimize business processes, effectively manage human resources, promote the relationships between production and distribution, and seek for more customers.

1.      Secrets of building and managing human resources:

The first will be the recruiting process with the criteria that you feel most satisfied and they will work for you with their devotion and loyalty. Developing human resource training and fostering strategies especially for the sales staff.

The Sales Directors must be motivators who connect members in the company together, set common goals so that everyone can aim toward. To do this, you must delete the relationship between leaders and staff, but instead, you should build up the colleagueship, support the employees so that they can fulfill the set targets. The smooth coordination and the team spirit will bring success in business as well as the sales department.

So, besides the professional capacity, human management, performance management and supervision and employee motivation are things the administrators should pay more attention.

2.      Tips to increase the Sales Director?

In order to achieve sales goals, from the beginning, managers must have specific action strategies in a timely manner for sales and increase in market share.

Strategies for production and distribution, increasing the coverage of old products on the market, strategies for new products.

To increase the sales, first, the administrators should reduce input costs. Control the inventory, production process and data effectively. Through data on the market and monthly sales, the managers may obtain consistent and effective business strategies.


Experience, expertise and management skills will be the foundations for sales directors to achieve the success, but with the advanced technology today, such management is not enough. Besides the capacity of managers, they need more support of the information technology to achieve the most optimal management efficiency.

With more than 12-year experiences in providing Solutions to Enterprises, eSales Cloud DMS built to support the sales and distribution will be a powerful supporting tool for Sales Directors to control markets, increase the profits and manage the sales team effectively.

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