More and more companies are now using technology to control sales operations. One of the reasons is that enterprises desire to effectively control the market activities of their sales force.

A technological solution called SFA (Sales Force Automation) automates the sales process and the business operations of the sales team. Today, SFA has shown to have useful advantages, assisting salespeople efficiently, as well as enhancing management and increasing income for enterprises.

Additionally, SFA aids process improvement and the job management of market employees, according to Gartner’s definition, in addition to helping manage customer connections.

SFA automates manual processes, according to a different definition from Oracle, giving market workers more time to work and interact with clients.

Features that SFA software brings

  • Daily work tracking: software helps employees easily track and plan daily work.
  • Automate the sales process: using software helps market staff easily track customer visit plans. At the same time, the software automatically supports tasks such as quoting prices, creating orders, checking the quantity of goods, etc.
  • Building sales process: When using SFA software, enterprises will manage the sales process based on the business model of the business. Through the software, market staff will understand the customer’s purchase status to plan care and next activities. From there, it is easy to manage revenue and successful order conversion rates in each stage.
  • KPI management: is a tool to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of achieving each individual’s goals through specific data and targets set by leaders at all levels. Based on KPI indicators, managers can see an overview of strengths and weaknesses to create a training roadmap suitable for each employee.
  • Plan customer visits: The software will automatically create schedules and update customer visit information daily. In addition, the software also locates the visit route for employees to quickly navigate to save time.
  • Daily work reports: Work reports are updated in real-time. enterprises can analyze data by each group and region to provide accurate analysis. From there, it is easy to plan appropriate business plans for the next time.

Benefits that SFA software brings

  • Improve order conversion rate: when using software to manage work, market staff save time entering data as well as reporting daily work, so employees will have more time. time in customer care. From there, increase the order conversion rate.
  • Reduce time and costs: Using software helps enterprises save time and human resources to operate and monitor market staff.
  • Increase operational efficiency: processes are automated, avoiding errors during operations. Clear and effective sales process; Information is updated transparently in real time.
  • Data synchronization: Data on sales orders, customers, inventory quantity, promotions, accumulation programs,… are updated in real-time. Activities are also processed more synchronously and smoothly when there is a complete and accurate data set. From there, minimize risks when processing orders and managing business activities.
  • Make timely handling decisions: Through updated data on the system, enterprises can automatically export reports to support work performance evaluation. Through that, analyze the causes, find solutions, and develop appropriate plans.
  • Customer retention: Using SFA, enterprises can control customer status based on the customer’s purchasing process. From there, come up with solutions to handle problems and evaluate potential opportunities suitable for each customer. For old customers, employees can use features such as customer care, sending notifications, and promotions… to increase the closing rate.

Sales team automation software, which helps enterprises overcome difficulties that marketing staff encounter, is a tool with which enterprises optimize sales to become more effective. HQSOFT is proud to have deployed it to many enterprises to improve sales team processes and operations.

SFA has eliminated manual management methods and processes, saved time, increased customer care quality, expanded market coverage, and helped increase order conversion rates and operational efficiency. Outstanding features of the SFA solution such as Managing and tracking customer visit schedules, Automating sales processes, Tracking daily work, Reporting work, and tracking work progress.

Overall, sales automation is an effective tool to help sales teams improve work efficiency and productivity. By automating tasks, SFA can help enterprises optimize sales processes and improve customer care quality. From there, reduce costs and increase revenue for enterprises.

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