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The Benefits Of Implementing DMS Software Into Distribution System Management In The Era Of Technology 4.0

The revolution 4.0 has been happening on a global scale, and technology 4.0 has dramatically impacted Vietnam’s economy and society. In particular, businesses are directly affected as technology 4.0 brings both opportunities and challenges to Enterprises. Updating new technology trends, changing management methods, automating systems, updating and processing data quickly are what businesses are orienting toward.

In the field of distribution, software solution is now considered as the most effective tool to support enterprise to systematize all of processes from production, distribution and business, maintain their positions, and improve the competitiveness in today’s fierce market.

Benefits of Applying DMS Software to Enterprises:

1. Automated processes:

With optimal automation and work flows, it helps save time and personnel resources for operation, and covers more customers instead of recruiting more people. Huge expenses in distribution for promotion, display, sales programs, POSM… are strictly controlled by DMS software on the system to help businesses resolve negative issues, budget losses and ineffectiveness in deploying these programs.

2. Time saving:

DMS software will help the system update data continuously; support managers check data quickly and get effective sales decisions.

It can help control data, review orders, and manage sales status at any time on mobile devices with integrated software. Manual operation is limited to a minimum level: the system integrates calculation functionality to helps staff and administrators record online data and information sent to the control department quickly.

3. Automated and flexible reporting

Animated reports with many intuitive interfaces help administrators get statistical data quickly and accurately. Based on intuitive reports, administrators will be able to make effective business decisions without too much manipulation of traditional management practices.

It supports multi-platform and multi-device and can generate and review reports at all times; reports are accessible for many computer equipment, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Analyze and update online data with various criteria for each role or department.

4. Effective management of customer information

The system will continuously update data every 15 minutes, information on the opening of new points of sales, Customer information, and Customer location will be updated to help managers systematize potential customers and provide the best customer care strategy.

In addition, promotions, After-sales and Customer information will be updated and archived to help businesses measure market performance, understand their potential customers and strategy, and work out a reasonable production strategy.

5. Providing Real-Time Data:

With closely-designed processes and functions and effective user support in the system, it will enable Enterprises to obtain a complete and “real” DMS dataset on the market, points of sale, lines of sale, inventory, sell-in, sell-out, promotion, product display, POSM, etc.; prevent from and minimize the problem of cooking sales data. This data will help the company make decisions and develop more effective and accurate sales strategies.

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