Trang chủ Tin Tức The Out-of-Market Sales Industry’s Dark Side

The Out-of-Market Sales Industry’s Dark Side

With many years of experience in providing DMS sales management software, HQSOFT shares with you the issue of the Dark Side in the Out-of-Market Sales Industry. Every job has its own difficulties, but it must be said that the most difficult pitfalls are in the sales profession. In this profession, it can be said that we need a lot of energy and bravery to overcome challenges to get a stable job and the ideal income that everyone is aiming for.

The sales career has been and is one of the most attractive, open, and attractive professions for young people in today’s society. Candidates always have the opportunity to have a desirable salary as well as a good job. However, the difficulties posed by the industry are not easy to overcome. The following article will share some experiences in the Sales industry.

Ability to work under pressure

Currently, most sales staff are set sales targets. This is the basis for evaluating the employee’s capacity and work results. To be a good salesman, you need to be good at sales pressure.

  • Debt is also a pressure that causes difficulties in Sales. Selling goods is difficult, and debt collection is even more difficult. Sales staff must always ensure to limit overdue or bad debts from customers.
  • Pressure from lack of support: For Sales to have a successful order, it has to go through many stages as well as contribute efforts from many different departments in the company: Warehouse, delivery, admin, management level, etc. The smooth coordination between the departments and the enthusiastic support will ensure a successful order. Therefore, salespeople need to build a good relationship with the internal members of the company, and always accompany and support each other; otherwise, all pressure will be gone.
  • One of the most significant pressures that Sales must overcome in order to succeed: it is the pressure we create. The fear of not reaching the target, the fear of not overcoming difficulties, or the fear of facing the customer’s problems… If we can overcome it and always have an objective view, work hard, and try our best, success will come.

Therefore, the Sales profession is not easy, must always adapt to every environment, and hone the skills to handle it quickly and effectively. If you can’t stand the pressure, you will definitely be fired from this profession.

Considered the profession of “making a bride of a hundred families”

There was a salesman who once confided that, when doing sales, what they care about the most is the “face” of the store owner effectively reaching and selling. In the past, when he was new to sales and moved by distance from home to the point of sale, he did not completely grasp the psychology of the customer when he visited the sales points at a crowded time or at a time of great demand. If the customer i​​s not happy, then the salesman can’t sell the goods and receives bad words from the Customer. When he recalled the past time, he smiled sadly.

From the above story we can see, this is not as easy a job as we usually think. To achieve sales, achieve the targets set by the company. Besides sales skills, sales staff also need to prepare themselves for customer persuasion skills, negotiation skills, and customer satisfaction. Be psychologically ready for rejection sentences, even harsh words, and overcome the above to be able to stand firmly in this profession.

Sale is a profession on the blacklist

In fact, on recruitment websites, we still see a lot of companies recruiting sales staff, this is the profession that accounts for the highest percentage of recruitment needs. And also the industry with the highest job-hopping rate, the stability could be higher. So many employers are highly interested in this position.

Is the support tool really inefficient,” as salesmen often tell each other?

Currently, when salesmen working for multinational corporations will be provided with a mobile sales device, eliminating manual operations, programmed software will support sales professionally. However, the inadequacy here is that the software makes sales feel like they are being tracked, consumes more phone battery, they have to locate 24/7, etc. but some veteran sales, they Realizing that the DMS system technology method helps them save more than 50% of the time to place orders and sell more effectively. In addition, they know what to do to achieve sales targets, and are transparent about KPIs for each sale. So is technology software for sales really effective or not?

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