Trang chủ Tin Tức The Role Of Effective POSM Management

The Role Of Effective POSM Management

Basically, POSM is often understood as a display item, i.e. an item displayed at a retail outlet or supermarket as provided by an enterprise in fields of consumer goods, cosmetics, etc., such as a table, shelf, or cabinet. POSM is an asset of the enterprise. It is also a part of one of the marketing strategies for the enterprise to communicate its message to customers. Therefore, the role of POSM management is very important. Ineffective use of POSM will mislead the customers about the company’s products, and if the item is damaged or lost, it will result in a major loss to the enterprise.

Because of the high cost of POSM design, it is one of the key problems for an enterprise to choose an appropriate distributor and retailer outlet to meet its needs. In addition, monitoring and management tasks may also face with a lot of difficulties. When there are a lot of POSMs on the market, it will be difficult for salespersons to control their company’s POSM, as well as to inspect if the products are displayed improperly or the distributors do not use POSM effectively that cause damages to the product. Also, when a distributor registers to participate in the program, its information will be ineffectively stored. This is one of the reasons that we design and develop the POSM management module in our distribution management solution, eSales Cloud DMS.

Let’s explore how to set up and manage POSM by using this software:

Step 1: Generate POSM program:

After deciding to implement the POSM program, through the process of designing and setting up POSM program, the system will help users program POSM information, generate POSM code for management with start and end dates of the program, and select the sales area for execution of the program.

In addition, the system allows the administrator to select and configure selected distributor information to execute the program. Information will be updated quickly through Cloud DMS system, and then program information is synchronized on installed PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) devices, such as mobile phones or tablets, of salespersons.

Step 2: Configure POSM program:

The software will assist the administrator in installing POSM product. Configured information includes POSM code, which is obtained from the list of generated programs, content structure for the product, and the generated list of products.

Since there are many implemented POSMs, the system will allow users to save and update different types of POSMs in an easily searchable and editable manner by using “Filters” function in the data columns.

Step 3: Register POSM program

Through their PDA devices, employees that are active in the market will receive information on distributors selected to participate in the program. Employees will then register the program on their PDA devices, allowing the users to select the number of POSMs registered by each distributor, POSM codes, NPP names, product details, and users.

In addition, users can still set up information in an excel file, and then Import it into the system. The flexibility of the solution will help users work more easily and efficiently.

Step 4: Browse POSM Registration Program

For the program to function, the administrator must check and approve the program. By using the list of customers updated and synchronized by employees, the manager will be able to check details of proposed number, number of approved POSMs, and number of distributors registered to participate in the program.

Then, the enterprise will decide whether to accept or refuse the distributors to participate in the program. When the manager makes a decision, information is synchronized on employees’ PDA devices so that they can track and control such information.

Step 5: Prepare reports for the program:

For employees: Based on POSM codes or QR codes installed on POSMs, the employees are responsible for tracking and managing each POS that is registered to participate in the program by using the software so that they can easily save POSM image and current status, and report to the administrator for the next strategy.

For administrators: It is possible to continuously update POSM status at POSs, and track the distributor’s usage of POSMs and product status to come up with the most optimal way.

It is undeniable that POSM demonstrates the face of an enterprise, helping to impress the customers, showing the professionalism and brand reputation, as well as serving as one of the most effective means of communication. Therefore, enterprises should choose an effective POSM management method to optimize their cost and resources. Let our eSales Cloud DMS solution accompany your enterprises as a management approach.

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