Trang chủ Tin Tức Uncover Secrets Of Trade Promotion Management

Uncover Secrets Of Trade Promotion Management

Effective Trade Promotion Management  is always the first priority of businesses, especially enterprises running business on consumables, pharmaceuticals, production, …

Enterprises are always headache with the questions: when are there promotion programs?

  • Where are the products of the promotion programs really located?
  • The number of promotion goods launched to the market is out of control
  • It`s impossible to measure and evaluate the results of promotion programs
  • It`s impossible to control the budget for executing promotion programs
  • Eliminate negative issues, avoid losing budget
  • Promotion program is an integral part on the current severe market. To stimulate consumption, settle the inventory, improve the revenue and profits for Enterprises.

 The solutions of HQSOFT has helped large corporations such as PERFETTI, KAO, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, etc. How to control the promotion programs:

  • Support enterprises with more than 100 types of promotion programs.
  • With more than 12 years of running business, HQsoft is confident to meet all requirements of promotion programs for customers.
  • Define the plan for each type of promotion, allow Enterprises to set up promotion programs on the basis of the budget for each region, each Distributor and enterprise support software to create programs appropriate with subjects of application.
  • Automatically summarize the promotion results and claims to the company quickly and accurately. Managers can keep track of the real-time of existing promotion programs, evaluate the effectiveness of the programs through the reporting diagrams integrated on the application.
  • Solutions to support the enterprises in making the statistics of promotion products, how to pay for promotion programs to Distributors, agents, etc. check the KPIs in an effective and transparent manner from the sell-in stage to the sell-out stage.
  • The promotion program also helps Distributors sell goods faster, with the advance payment for goods, ensure the availability of goods to meet the customers’ demands.
  • Integrate SMS Marketing that informs Customers of the latest promotion programs through messages so that the consumers know the promotion programs of providers quickly and accurately

Based on the cloud computing software, we have launched eSales Cloud DMS solution to make every promotion program easier. Achieve higher results. Save time. Achieve accurate and transparent figures and most importantly come to the right subject.

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