Trang chủ Tin Tức What Are Enterprises Concerned About In Implementing Cloud ERP Systems

What Are Enterprises Concerned About In Implementing Cloud ERP Systems

In recent years, enterprises have been used to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, which have become their first choices in relation to system management, resource planning, and administration of Enterprises. ERP solutions help Enterprises manage their finance, accounting, production, distribution, human resources, customers, business, and other matters.

During the deployment of Cloud ERP systems, however, Enterprises are frequently concerned about the costs, security, and deployment duration of such projects. Currently, enterprises are concerned about a number of issues, such as:

1.The difference between Vietnamese accounting systems and foreign software:

Since solution providers often come from developed countries, domestic Enterprises are concerned about the compatibility of Vietnamese accounting system and software vendors. They are afraid of having to modify their Enterprise processes to ensure the compatibility with software.

2. Is the security of Cloud ERP systems assured?

In order to formulate Cloud ERP model, Enterprisers must provide their business data and information so that vendors may set up the system. This is also one of their concerns. In addition, Database is always an important, highly secure asset of any Enterprise that may, if being breached, result in severe damages to the Enterprise; therefore, one of top concerns of Enterprises is security.

3. Deployment cost of Cloud ERP systems:

Cost is always an issue that needs to be considered. In order to successfully and effectively deploy an ERP system, it is necessary to provide sufficient financial resources to complete the system. After successful deployment of Cloud ERP system, it will help Enterprises grow at a fast and stable pace.

4. Inconsistency of Base Units:

Deploying a new system will cause difficulties to existing units as they have been familiar with old software and have to spend a lot of time getting used to the new one. In addition, during the collection of Cloud ERP system data, there will be updates to data of existing departments, making it no longer their “exclusive asset”. Therefore, it is a crucial yet very difficult task for the administrators and Enterprisers to make preparation before deploying the project and introducing perfect features of Cloud ERP solution.


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