What is a DMS system?

DMS – Distribution management system is the business management software that helps to manage the distribution of goods to the market, developments in distribution channels, including management of the sales force, selling automation, inventory management, market fluctuation, debt management…

The importance of DMS for businesses

After 3 years of overcoming the pandemic, let’s take a look back at the difficulties and challenges that businesses face in the process of managing distributors:

  • Orders are affected, delivery is not on time
  • Difficulty in controlling inventory
  • Difficulty in updating the actual situation of distributors and points of sale (outlets)
  • No control over work results upon managing work remotely
  • Difficulty in managing debts, goods, due of payment, etc. 
  • Inaccuracy of results cause it takes time to report and prepare for statistics

Owing to many challenges in distributor management, businesses have made changes by modernizing and transforming the way distributors operate and manage. So how important is the distributor management system and how does it affect the business?

Benefits that DMS brings to businesses

Cost savings.

When using the DMS system, businesses can easily control distributors and sales force at anytime and anywhere. Statistical reports ensure transparency and honesty without the discretion of virtual data. Supervisors/managers easily manage the entire work of the employees, ensuring the work is finished as required. This will help businesses reduce the cost of hiring management personnel significantly.

Measure working efficiency

Businesses easily manage the working efficiency of each distributor and field sales. Supervisors/managers can now easily control the performance and revenue of each point of sale (outlet). From there, it will help managers have a more general view of business activities in order to quickly adjust and make appropriate changes based on the actual situation.

Increase sales efficiency

It is a fact that employees are more active and productive when being supervised. However, with the supervision of the DMS system, employees might feel comfortable. This function is suitable for salesmen who work proactively with good discipline. The outcomes will be recorded transparently through the software.

The latest information is always updated quickly in real-time. This helps managers and employees easily come up with a treatment plan.

In addition, employees who are not productive and efficient will be highly warned and reminded.

Realize sales opportunities

When using the distributor management system, the sales staff can easily record the history of consulting and taking care of potential customers. From there, employees can easily take care of and get revenue from that customer.

Save time

Using DMS software will help managers save management time. At the same time, when using DMS, it will save time considerably in statistics – daily reports. Time spent on this job people can be switched for focusing in other tasks completion.

Maximize Profit 

Businesses apply DMS to management to help automate and optimize time and personnel for management and operation. Huge costs in the distribution management chain for promotion, display, and POSM, …. are strictly controlled in the system, and at the same time it helps businesses reduce the loss of budget and unreasonable cost expenditure.

It can be seen that digital transformation is not just a trend. It is a solution and a strategic direction to help businesses optimize their revenue and also the operation processes. In addition, to be able to modernize and transform the distribution system comprehensively and effectively, the DMS distributor management solution needs to be deployed synchronously with the expanding and linking solutions in the distribution system. Modern retail and distribution management ecosystem include:

With more than 15 years of experience in providing solutions to manage distribution systems, so far HQSOFT has been providing solutions to more than 500 customers, 70,000 users, and 50 strategic partners in Southeast Asia and Asia. Therefore, HQSOFT is proud to provide customers with the most optimal and comprehensive solutions to best meet customer needs in optimizing the distribution management system.


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