On May 19-21, the company successfully organized the Company Trip combined with the 17th anniversary of the company with the theme “Break The Limits” in Vinh Hy – Ninh Thuan.

In order to prepare mentally for future development, 3 branches of HQSOFT gathered together in Ninh Thuan to participate in the Company Trip program with activities to unite teamwork and show spirit breakthrough and burning enthusiasm flow in each member of the HQSOFT family.

The Company Trip program of HQSOFT is also explored and visited famous places of Ninh Thuan such as Vinh Hy Bay, Trung Son Co Tu Pagoda, and Vineyard,…


A highlight that cannot be ignored in this trip is the Teambuilding program with exciting team games for HQSOFT members. They all worked together to give their team a victory. Taking place on the Ninh Chu beach, the greatest value that the members have received is certainly the connection and team spirit that has been significantly improved.

The games sound simple but require the members to be united and extremely well coordinated. Replay teams have just been formed and for many of you, this could be the first time talking and interacting with each other. But nothing can make the members’ morale difficult, just through the warm-up, we no longer feel shy, everyone cheers and tries their best to help our team win.


Perhaps every day we are used to the simple, rustic images of friends, when entering the Gala night with shiny dresses, the boys and girls of the HQSOFT family look no less competitive than professional models.

Bringing to the Gala night are the costumes according to the characters in the movie “Aladdin and the magic lamp” that are carefully invested and rehearsed to bring a very unique night with many unexpected details. HQSOFT’s members have pushed the limits to bring performances with their own personalities.

Especially in the evening GALA DINNER is also the 17th anniversary of the company. The age of 17 is a time of enthusiasm and creative explosion. At this age, the company is in the mature stage to make its own mark.

  • We need to have the spirit to push boundaries and make courageous decisions to implement new ideas.
  • We need to invest in personnel training and improve our own capacity and skills to meet market demand.
  • We need to find and apply new technologies to strengthen our competitive strength.
  • We need to change our thinking and make new decisions to develop the company in a sustainable and effective way.

HQSOFT understands that each employee is an important link to the success of a strong development organization. Therefore, HQSOFT always pays special attention to the staff factor, creating a friendly, open, and cooperative working environment for mutual development, contributing to creating different values for HQSOFT. Company Trip trips will be an opportunity for members to have fun, regenerate positive energy, increase cohesion between employees and the company, and light up the flame of enthusiasm and spirit forever.

With many activities taking place in 3 days and 3 nights together and the ultimate aim is to bring you a comfortable and relaxing experience after a hard-working time, helping us to meet fellow people. the team that had previously only worked with a computer screen. Hopefully, after this trip, we will unite, try together, and make more efforts to build and help HQSOFT grow more and more.

Goodbye and see you on the next trip!

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