PG – Promotion Girl, is a girl with beauty, grace, and talent to persuade customers. The main task of PG is to represent the brand to promote marketing activities at events, points of sale, and conferences.

Because PG is the face representing the brand of the business, PG’s managers will play an essential role in guiding and managing the working process.

What is the eSales PG solution?

eSales PG is a solution to help businesses easily connect and operate the PG team management process. This software brings many benefits such as saving management costs and improving the working efficiency of the PG team in the market. At the same time, businesses will continuously update market fluctuations, and explore promotions and competitor activities.

The use of PG management software will help businesses optimize management time and increase employee performance.

In addition, when using eSales PG, businesses can easily update customers’ opinions/feedback on product quality, and PG’s attitude to having an adjustment plan to satisfy customers.

So what is the difference between eSales PG solutions?

The best PG management platform: eSales PG solution is suitable for many fields such as Beverage, FMCG,… Easily meets all management needs of businesses. From there, enterprises manage employees in the best way.

Easy to apply to record PG’s activities: When using the software, PG Leader and management team always know information such as where, when, and what PG is working. That helps:

  • Save cost and time management PG
  • Measure and increase the productivity of PG
  • Smart sales route management
  • Manage and change easily the working time of PG
  • In addition, PG Leader levels do not need to go or check at the point of sale to see if PG is working, how is the PG’s working performance, … all of the above information is always updated in realtime

Quickly record market information:

The information about the number of goods sold, the quantity of inventory, the display activities, and the promotional goods are aggregated on the software in the form of a report in real-time.

  • Actual quantity of goods sold
  • Actual inventory quantity
  • Monitor display and sales activities at the point of sale
  • Make a development plan according to the actual shape of each point of sale and region

The system of reports – statistics is built according to the characteristics of the management of PG and market information: reports – statistics are updated continuously in real-time to help businesses have a comprehensive view of business activities, the status of customer care, efficiency of staff. In particular, helping businesses adjust sales plans, communication plans, and promotions to achieve business goals.

Highlights of eSales PG Solution

  • Work shift and employee compliance: Enterprises can monitor the location and coordinates of employees via GPS, and at the same time manage PG’s working time.
  • Effective sales route division: based on the area where the sales location is located. The store visit routing feature will help employees easily save time in moving and navigating the route.
  • Update sales situation: based on actual data, businesses can easily grasp the sales situation in all regions. From there, it is easy to adjust the appropriate promotions
  • Record market information and competitors are also features that Enterprises need to pay attention to have a business development plan to match the actual situation.
  • Display management at the point of sale: through PG software to take care of the display of goods in accordance with regulations. The software supports taking photos for display and sending them to the Enterprise.
  • Automate reports: reports – statistics based on available data on the system to help businesses have an overview of sales activities and the marketing effectiveness of the PG team. Also, the report will easily show the activities of competitors

With experience in deploying eSales PG products for many leading enterprises and corporations, HQSOFT is confident and ready to bring customers optimal and comprehensive solutions to fully meet the needs of optimizing distribution management systems. If you have any questions or need advice on distributor management solutions. Please contact the hotline: 0792 342 278 to receive the best support.


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