Trang chủ Tin Tức ERP Solution For Enterprises In Technology 4.0

ERP Solution For Enterprises In Technology 4.0

Technology 4.0 has been developing strongly and Enterprises are racing to improve their business and management processes. Therefore, sales and sales management solutions have always been improved to better meet current requirements.

The era of technology 4.0 has made all industries change, and moreover, technology is applied to create high quality products and reasonable prices. Technology 4.0 is a comprehensive development based on digital technology, artificial intelligence and big data. In order to develop a sustainable enterprise, ERP solution has been formed based on digital platform and cloud technology, helping to effectively manage all activities of the enterprise.

With modern ERP solution, it enables the integration of data from multiple departments and divisions on the same system. Based on system data, the administrator will quickly, accurately and promptly present current resources of the business and optimize the performance of each department. Especially, ERP system will help the owner to plan, control and achieve the most comprehensive and optimal development strategy.

With digital technology platform, HQsoft has launched a comprehensive management solution. With its unique features, eBiz software fully meets the enterprise’s overall resource management functions from financial management, warehousing, sales, accounting, etc. Designed to be easy to use, eBiz offers the ability to integrate the functionality and expand product offerings for business operations that are constantly changing. With eBiz, you will have more time to focus on your business strategy than on paper work, which simplifies your work, making it easy to work on eBiz screens. With eBiz you have many options to change the eBiz business process in the way that you want.

eBiz solution helps businesses effectively handle large data sources and is a tool for administrators to get multi-dimensional and intuitive analysis reports. Based on statistical data, departments will anticipate business performance and establish trends for the company’s future growth.

Reasons that ERP solution is superior to other solutions in the market:

  1. Standard ERP implementation process at the most reasonable cost
  2. Effective and successful implementation in many Vietnamese Enterprises
  3. Fast and efficient deployment process
  4. Flexible, easily calibrated, tailored to increasing business needs of growing companies.
  5. Be able to handle special accounting operations in Vietnam that foreign ERP solutions fail to meet.
  6. Highly integrated into the system
  7. Supports both decentralized and centralized models
  8. There are specific versions for distributed businesses or multiple industries.
  9. With nationwide 24/7 support service, it helps provide customers with a peace of mind when deploying the project.

With its modern features, ERP solution addresses all the needs and difficulties of existing customers. Please contact us for the best advice and support:

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