In the afternoon of 24 September 2018, Vinacapital Corporation and HQsoft Company officially signed a cooperation agreement, launching IMA project – Investment Fund Management. This project was developed on the basis of the requirements of Vinacaptial – specific requirements of the financial sector. The solution will be implemented throughout Vinacapital’s system in Vietnam’s market.

Vinacapital – a leading real estate development and investment management company in Vietnam was founded in 2003, VinaCapital has been continuously achieving the great development. VinaCapital’s main competitive advantage in the Vietnamese market is based on its large scale of operations. The investment portfolio includes more than 200 enterprises and many projects that have helped VinaCapital become one of the leading corporations and facilitated the access to the latest information and development trends of the market.

With the scale of more than 400 employees and branches across the whole country, in recent years, VinaCapital has been strongly developing the Project “VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunities Fund (VOF) which is the leading investment fund in Vietnam operating in the fields of capital and private investments. Besides the investments in financial management funds, VinaCapital has enhanced the management by applying the cloud computing technology into its operation procedures to overcome outdated processes and provide modern investment fund management systems based on 4.0 technology.

Representatives of HQsoft Company presented the plan to implement the IMA project with Vinacapital from the first steps as:

  • Discuss on the specific characteristics of the project to make plan for the project
  • Collect documents and detailed requirements
  • Provide the differences between the needs of Vinacapital and the system
  • Put forward the best solution based on the agreements of the two parties
  • HQsoft will begin to design functions that fit the needs of Vinacapital
  • Regulations during the project implementation
  • Steps to test and handover the management system
  • Support Vinacapital in the process of using services.

Through the specific presentation of HQSoft, Vinacapital`s representative, Ms.: Nguyen Thi Thai Thuan as the Project Sponsor of the project sent thanks to HQsoft for its support and put forward appropriate solutions to tackle the leading challenges of management technology together with Vinacapital. Ms. Thuan also expressed Vinacapital`s determination in successfully implementing and applying the solution to improve the financial management. This will strengthen the competitiveness of Vinacapital in the financial sector.

To have this Kick-off today, Vinacaptial has considered to make a selection among a large number of domestic and foreign suppliers; it’s found that HQsoft not only provides prestigious services but also has a team of professionals who are experienced in the field of software technology and have deep understanding of the financial sector. In addition, with the ability to design specialized solutions for each industry, HQsoft has overcome other competitors with the advantage of “Customization specific for each category.” That’s the reason why Vinacapital believes and uses HQsoft’s solution service.

With the project’s objectives:

  • Manage investment funds
  • A complete and flexible reporting system that supports to make decisions in a quick and timely manner
  • Increase the convenience for executives and related management levels
  • Monitor depository accounts closely and effectively.

HQsoft is committed to accomplishing its goals as well as supporting Vinacaptial maximally to master the system as quickly as possible, bring the high efficiency in work.

In order to catch up with the technology development trend together with the comprehensive development of the company, the management is always invested and developed on top-of-the-line to increase the competitiveness, market control and the control of investments. Hence, deploying HQsoft’s IMA project will be a step for Vinacapital to further expand in the future.

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