December is the month of winter, the last important moment of the year, so this period brings us a lot of emotions. That is the happiness of reunion in the family home. Regret when looking back at the things that have not been done in the past year. And especially warm feelings on winter days, people are brought closer together. All are looking forward to, waiting for a new year to come, waiting for good things to come in the future…

Born in November, the type of person who always looks forward and does not let himself be discouraged or lose his balance in the face of all difficulties. They have the ability to generate unique, creative ideas. They have a wealth of knowledge, love to explore, and possess curiosity. They are knowledgeable in most areas of life.

People born in December are often very confident, assertive, powerful, and have the gift of being a leader. People born in December often have a lot of luck and advantages, but most of it is thanks to their assertiveness and agility. In addition, people born in December also have an innate sense of humor, are quite friendly, and are often the “head of the game” of fun.

With the message that “People are the biggest asset of an enterprise”, HQSOFT said that human resources are the most valuable asset and the highest source of profit that the company has. On 23/12/2022, the company held a birthday party for members with birthdays in November and December. This is one of the company’s unique cultural features to enhance and tighten the solidarity of fellow members to acknowledge your contributions to the development of HQSOFT.

Through this cozy birthday party, members have the opportunity to exchange, chat and strengthen their attachment and solidarity to develop together at work.

On behalf of the company, the Organizing Committee gave beautiful gifts and best wishes to the members of November and December.

Wishing all members of HQSOFT roof always success in work, happiness in life, and lots of excellent contributions to bring HQSOFT to development and go to the big sea!

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