DMS solutions in general and eSales Cloud DMS of HQSOFT in particular, are effective solutions to help businesses automate sales activities in the distribution chain; solving problems in the management and operation of the distribution system. Offers many solutions that simplify the sales process to optimize the performance of the sales force and related processes and channels. So, among the tools available on the market, what are the highlights to make eSales Cloud DMS the first choice of Enterprise and Distributor customers?

High stability of eSales Cloud DMS

When using the DMS software of an untrusted Provider, the system will be affected when the server crashes. If the hard drive fails, the possibility of data loss and recovery is very high, and the cost of storing data is not small.

With HQSOFT products, the backup mechanism is set up separately, stability is always guaranteed with 99.99% uptime. Develop any troubleshooting options to keep your software secure and available 24/7.

Saving money and time

Developed based on Cloud Server, the investment cost for HQSOFT’s products is reduced quite a lot compared to other DMS providers. At the same time, our DMS is also equipped with various modules and features with high practical value. Customers can choose modules and features suitable for the business model and process to deploy into a complete system.

Additionally, with the ability to upgrade resources flexibly, Enterprise customers can maintain long-term use of the product at a very reasonable cost. Or when there is a need to upgrade and expand the system, enterprises can also upgrade to a higher product package but still ensure stability, without affecting the operation of the current system.

Fast deployment speed of DMS software

With 16 years of experience in the field of retail and distribution system management, HQSOFT has had the opportunity to cooperate with many types of businesses from different industries. Therefore, the deployment of DMS software to distributors in the provinces/regions will be done quickly and immediately to meet the needs of businesses. Moreover, enterprises will easily scale their business without affecting data and systems.

Security and data safety of eSales Cloud DMS

eSales Cloud DMS software allows access on many devices such as laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, …. Decentralization system according to each different role in the operation process, such as Salesperson, sales supervisor,… Each role will be provided with separate features. Therefore, it is impossible to exchange and access unauthorized information, only BoD has full authority to view all information on the system.

Besides, information security is always a top priority for HQSOFT. The data is always backed up and stored, so the loss rate is almost 0%.

HQSOFT’s distributor and retail management ecosystem provides comprehensive and unique business management and technology solutions for each business, meeting customer needs and delivering differentiated values. With the mission of “Building the distribution system into a comprehensive ecosystem to reach consumers quickly and effectively”, HQSOFT is confident and ready to bring customers optimal and comprehensive solutions to fully meet the demand in optimizing the distribution management system.

 The modern retail and distribution management ecosystem includes:

  1. eSales DMS Solution – Distribution System Management Solution 
  2. nRetail Platform – New retail platform
  3. eStore Platform – Affiliate platform
  4. 1CX Platform- Customer Experience & Loyalty platform 
  5. Data Warehouse & BI Solution – Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence System 

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