Trang chủ Tin Tức HQSOFT Accompanies HCA Community 2018 Initiative of “Innovative Start-ups for Innovation in the Digital Era”

HQSOFT Accompanies HCA Community 2018 Initiative of “Innovative Start-ups for Innovation in the Digital Era”

This year’s series of community activities, following the topic “Innovative Start-ups for Innovation in the Digital Era”, lasted from September to October 2018 and is organized by the Computer Association of Ho Chi Minh City in coordination with universities and Innovation Hub. This event has attracted the participation of over 6,000 students, 50 businesses, and more than 30 speakers from information technology industry.

The event aimed at connecting students and businesses, offering students the opportunity to learn real-world knowledge and gain more in-depth insights into the digital age and, most importantly, provide them with the background to participate in the labor market.

In the framework of the workshop, speakers introduced about new integration trends, digital technology, and mindset change, explosion of technology 4.0, IoT, and artificial intelligence. This year’s series of activities also helped students find new directions and inspire strong aspiration so that they could freely express their ideas.

Among HCA Community in this program, there are many companies and HQsoft is pleased to be one of the sponsors of this series of activities. Mr. Nguyen Tan Dien Han, CEO of HQsoft, gave a speech about integration trend, and necessary skills for students to easily work in the company after graduation. Mr. Han’s speech was about the experience and soft skills that no university can train, but must be accumulated through the course of work. Most of the ideas were shared by experienced employees and this is one of valuable contributions that this program has offered to university students.

In addition, the event also attracted speakers from successful start-ups in digital technology industry that came from e-commercial floors, including many young entrepreneurs such as the CEO of Love Flowers, PC World…. This was a great opportunity for students to recognize their directions and paths to the future.

After experience sharing sessions, the program organized an actual exchange event between the speakers and students. University students could express their difficulties or future plans so that experienced speakers could help orient them and realize their dreams.

In this year’s event, in addition to being a sponsor, HQsoft also provided universities with attractive career information on open positions for young IT staffs. Accordingly, many job vacancies have been sent directly from call-center, Development, BA, QA-QC departments, etc., which received great attention from students.

These are the activities that HQSOFT is orienting toward the community and university students, aiming to support intern students and new graduates. These create the opportunities for students to practice, experience and work in an actual workplace environment. HQSOFT also wishes to connect more with the universities and students in future meaningful activities.

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