Trang chủ Tin Tức HQSOFT SUCCESSFULLY ORGANIZED A eSales Solutions TRAINING Session for 3000+ PAs of SABECO


Vietnamese consumers have long been familiar with the Saigon Beer brand of Saigon Beer – Alcohol – Beverage Corporation – SABECO. After 145 years of establishment and development, with many difficulties and challenges, even though many famous beer brands have appeared on the market in the world, Saigon Beer and Beer 333 are still brands. Vietnamese brand leads the Vietnamese beer market and is on its way to conquering demanding markets such as Germany, the US, Japan, the Netherlands, etc.

With the Vision of “Developing into a leading beverage group in Vietnam and affirming its position in the market”, SABECO not only develops distribution channels, and sellers but also focuses on developing the PA. After the successful pilot phase of eSales solution for the HCM area, from May 17, 2022, to the end of May 31, 2022, HQSOFT cooperates with SABECO to organize training for more than 3000 PAs in turn in the following areas: Center (HCM), Southeast, Tien River, Hau River, South Central, Central Highlands, Central Region, Northeast. This is one of the strategies to manage real-time data, help businesses maximize control, cut costs, and increase work efficiency for the PA

The benefits of the eSales ecosystem for SABECO in general and the beer industry in particular:

– PA team: have tools to perform daily work as well as reports fully and in accordance with regulations

– PA Leader level: can manage the working schedule of their PA staff more effectively. At the same time, the reports can be accessed directly on the system, reducing the time to make reports

– Management team: saving management costs, easy to continuously update market fluctuations, survey sales – promotions from which it is easy to come up with market access strategies

The shared content of the training session includes the following parts:

Part 1: An overview of the PA App

Part 2: Works performed at the point of sale

Part 3: Work performed overtime

Part 4: Other support features such as leaves, uniform management

The eSales PA implementation project is really a project with a large scale and effective implementation. This is also a meaningful step on the journey to complete the mission of “Building the distribution system into a comprehensive ecosystem to reach consumers quickly and efficiently” of HQSOFT.

Finally, HQSOFT would like to sincerely thank SABECO, for trusting and choosing eSales products to accompany the management of PA to perform daily tasks at retail points.

The image of the training session:


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