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Applying technology to the process of managing and distributing goods is a common trend of most businesses aiming for digital transformation and keeping up with trends. With the current growth rate and level of competition in all market segments for all fields, professionalizing the expertise and management skills of Sales Managers at all levels is an issue that should be specially addressed. A system that provides instant reporting on work progress and performance for managers to upgrade the “machinery” towards a higher capacity index, achieving optimal quality efficiency is necessary.

eSales Manager – solution for managers at all levels is a solution to increase efficiency and save time and effort.

The use of technology ensures sales goals, coordinates the activities of a region or area to develop business activities, and stabilizes sales of the company/enterprise.

Features that eSales Manager software brings

– Develop business/sales goals for each area you manage.

– Monitor and update information related to customers, products, distribution systems, sales, markets, employees,… to be able to understand the current situation of the area you are managing.

– Build and monitor the sales pipeline of market staff to build a more developed sales department

– Expand business activities, identify and search for target customer groups.

– Regularly monitor and check the sales data system, weekly and monthly sales.

– Monitor and update sales by employee, customer, product, region, sales channel…

– Orient the area to develop business activities per the company’s development goals.

– Analyze sales data, and product quality, compare with other competitive products, then analyze and evaluate to improve sales.

– Real-world combat training according to the EDAC model.

– Review new customers and Trade programs.

– Manage and assign work to subordinates or receive assignments from superiors.

– Manage and approve leave for employees.

eSales Manager software helps managers at all levels reduce management time and effort by up to 50% while still ensuring efficiency. The software supports managers to be more flexible in operations and allocate human resources. With a clear, intuitive interface; Instant reports help managers save operating time. Management levels can use that time to focus on project quality and propose many effective solutions for handling arising problems for the company’s leadership.

Keeping up with the trend of modernizing management processes, eSales Manager helps managers authorize, assign tasks, and approve tasks in an automatic process anytime, anywhere, even when working remotely. Just sitting in the office or operating on a mobile phone, the manager can completely coordinate the work in the project, and capture unwanted developments so that they can be resolved promptly.

Suppose your business has any questions or needs advice on solutions for management levels. Please contact hotline: 0792 342 278 to receive the best support.

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