Trang chủ Tin Tức Restaurant Management With 4.0 Technology

Restaurant Management With 4.0 Technology

Vietnam is a potential consumption market with more than 93 million people, but the majority is young people, making up 60% of the total population. In addition, the per capita income is increasing every year. According to experts, Vietnam is evaluated as a promising market for services, especially food services.

In recent years, quite a lot of new brands have entered into this market, making the “fertile land” increasingly competitive. It`s the competition that has created a motivation for business owners to change, improve the quality of dishes, upgrade the service quality and above all improve the management mechanism.

Nowadays, the challenges posed to Enterprises running business on restaurant are:

First, the Enterprise owners and the employers cannot know whether the daily income statement in paper is accurate or not when they cannot be present at multiple sales locations at the same time for supervision.

In addition, the manual operation also increases costs, reduces the profits of enterprises. Basic operations such as receiving orders, charging, processing workflows in the kitchen are out of control, messy and time-consuming … This reduces the satisfaction and loses the good experience of the fellow diners, leading to the loss of competitive advantage.

Second, Customers in this industry are mostly young people who enjoy new experiences but very strict with the services. When the number of customers increase but the restaurant cannot meet the demands, the services are delayed, this will be a weak point of enterprises.

Third, For the restaurant business, besides bringing products to customers, business owners also need to control the goods in the warehouse to avoid the disqualification of food hygiene or safety, or control the employees to know if they are “cheating” during the change of shifts or not.

Get out ahead and catch up with the trends of 4.0 technology trend in the restaurant management:

In order to change and overcome difficulties, enterprises are required to invest in and apply the latest technological solutions of the 4.0 technology revolution in the restaurant management in order to increase the operational efficiency and provide the best experience for diners.

Software solutions will address the problems posed to Business Owners, Managers, and Servicemen:

For Business Owners: Help Enterprises reduce the number of personnel, manage the revenue effectively, limit “cheating” in the restaurant.

Improve the work efficiency and increase the productivity. Simultaneously control the quantity of goods sold and goods received, statisticize and report quickly.

Help the employer have the most general view of the restaurant at all times.

For managers: Based on the features of the software, managers can know the performance of the employees, schedule the work, statisticize and report the revenue, manage the inventory quickly and accurately on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.

Manage anytime, anywhere via mobile devices. Hence, they can work actively and tackle difficulties timely.

In addition, through the management database, it’s possible to control the suppliers, customer information, regulations on discount rates to make the most specific and accurate decision.

Managers can edit and update information related to the issue of invoices easily and accurately through the integrated utility of the software.

For the employees: The employees will have plans and work processes easily. Ensure serving Customers faster and more professionally. Respond to the needs of customers quickly, accurately through the POS system.

The connection among divisions such as the bar and the kitchen is done in a harmonious way, which helps the employees reduce the travel time between counters.

Returning goods or making payment will be easy as it is integrated on the system.

Making end-of-period reports is quick and accurate. In addition, the employees can check the revenue hourly to avoid the big loss.

Keeping pace with the trend will help the Enterprise increase its competitiveness on the market and surely the application of technology will continue to be more innovated and improved to keep up with the rapid developments and diverse needs in the F & B industry.

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