The retail market in Asia continues is a leading market for goods consumption, a profitable market attracting a large number of big companies in the world.

Why does the retail consumer market attract so much attention? There are hundreds of reasons why the retail market becomes a fierce battle of the world’s leading enterprises:

  • First, fast consumables are at a reasonable price and are essential products in daily life. Used with a high frequency.
  • Second, consumables are sold fast at a low cost.
  • Third, the goods are sold in a high quantity, and quickly received everywhere.

Furthermore, Vietnam is considered as a large market and a retail market developing at quite a high speed, the world integration is being expanded, the average income is increasing more and more, which is the driving force for the increasing development of the consumer market.

However, in order to well do business in the retail market, enterprises are facing a series of difficulties:

  • When the products are sold quickly, consumption products must be available at retail points, supermarkets all the time, and the products the customers need must be provided in a timely manner.
  • Regarding the consumption culture of the Vietnamese people, the products must be “covered” everywhere, requiring the enterprises to distribute their products widely.
  • The products must appear many times on the market and have the high competitiveness. This forces the enterprises to have a good understanding of their position on the current market.
  • Another problem is the goods management and delivery from the manufacturers to retail locations, from the retail locations to the customers. This is quite a difficult problem for enterprises having thousands of retailers.

The income of consumers is increasing more and more. This means the consumption culture is higher and higher. Therefore, enterprises running business on consumption products must ensure the product quality on the market as well as the competitive prices.

How to manage hundreds of sales points, hundreds of thousands of sales staff?

  • To consider all of the difficulties and challenges above, a large number of “big companies” such as Johnson & Johnson, KAO, Perfetti Van Melle, KIDO … have applied DMS-eSales distribution system management software into their business management very early. The eSales Cloud DMS solution has tackled most problems suffered by the enterprises. It helps the enterprises have a firm stand and develop on the market.

Therefore, the distribution system management software is very necessary in the current context of the fierce competition. In order to focus on the business development, you need to have a strong “backstage”.   Our HQSOFT is always ready to become a companion of all enterprises. We have a team of high-quality technicians who are ready to provide business supports as soon as they need.

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