Trang chủ Tin Tức VPMILK – 8 Years of TRUST AND CORPORATION with eSales Cloud DMS Solution

VPMILK – 8 Years of TRUST AND CORPORATION with eSales Cloud DMS Solution

The Vietnam Professional Dairy Joint Stock Company (VPMilk), originally Nam Duong Company, was founded by a group of experienced leaders in the process of expanding markets for the food, pharmaceutical, and medical sectors, as well as specialized goods for human health care. VPMilk, together with its energetic and creative employees, aims to deliver the greatest nutritional goods at the most affordable pricing to Vietnamese customers, particularly children – Vietnam’s future generation.

VPMilk Company’s distribution system currently covers all provinces and cities in the country through recognized distributors, supermarkets, and major businesses. Aside from high-value product development and production, one of the company’s strengths is specializing in the maintenance of prominent consumer goods brands. Thanks to this policy, VPMilk is always interested in the most dedicated customer care policy and takes absolute responsibility for product quality consumers.

Therefore, in 2015, HQSOFT implemented a DMS solution and trained the sales team and Distributors for VPMilk.

Difficulties encountered by VPMilk before deploying DMS software

  • Because fresh items have a short shelf life, it is challenging for merchants to control expired products.
  • Time-consuming manual labor and documentation have an impact on the sales staff’s time management and efficiency when making sales.
  • Non-transparent information from staff and distribution system partners can have an impact on the overall company’s work efficiency and business plan execution.

Solutions that HQSOFT has provided to VPMilk

  • Provide eSales Cloud DMS Solution specialized for the dairy industry of HQSOFT helps to improve the efficiency of management and analysis of fundamental factors in distribution such as coverage, promotion, display, POSM, inventory, debt, etc. budget, product expiry date, PG management, KPI, compliance…
  • Provide a solution to manage distributors and sellers to help the management department monitor the activities happening in real-time.
  • Provide expiration management feature to control expired goods. In addition, it also helps distributors promptly distribute goods before their expiry date to avoid wasting raw materials, time, and labor.
  • Provide a display management feature helps the board of directors to have a more general view of the market, and at the same time, it is easy to devise a strategy suitable for each market.


  • Improve the management efficiency of the number of items in the warehouse, resulting in timely product arrangement and handling before the expiry date.
  • Images of distributors’ and points of sale product displays, signage, and so on are also updated in real time. Sales managers may now track the location, travel routes, and visit activities of all sales workers, rather than just a few routes as in the past.
  • This system enables the sales apparatus, which includes distributors, sales supervisors, and sales personnel, to be connected on a unified software, centralized database, online, immediate, and continuous basis.
  • Information about activities on the whole business line is updated in real-time on the system to help manage levels get an overview and make timely decisions with market fluctuations.

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