Trang chủ Tin Tức eSales DMS solution – 8 different experiences in the Distribution and Retail industry. 

eSales DMS solution – 8 different experiences in the Distribution and Retail industry. 

eSales Cloud DMS Solution belongs to the HQSOFT Ecosystem, the most well-known solution in helping businesses automate sales activities in the distribution chain. The eSales functionals comprehensively solve all problems in the management and operation of the Distribution & Retail system. See more about the outstanding features of the eSales DMS solution HERE 

In addition to the full and necessary features like other DMS systems, we introduce the eight differences that build up eSales DMS Solution.  

eSales DMS Solution – Distribution & Retail Expert

Understanding customer needs and distribution sectors  

eSales DMS Solution was founded and developed by HQSOFT – Distribution & Retail Expert with over 15 years of experience in distribution and retail. HQSOFT is confident in consulting the optimal solution and comprehensive operation for customers in every distribution & retail project with an understanding of the market and insight into solving enterprise problems. These experiences are also evident in all processes and each feature of the eSales DMS solution.  

The capabilities of eSales DMS Solution  

With various systems integrated into the solution, eSales DMS Solution almost solves the entire problem in the distribution chain. The features/applications in the solution meet sufficiently for the user roles: BOD, Head Office, Market Force (Salesman, Sales Sup), PG, Delivery Officer, Distributor / Dealer; Second-level stores/agents, Diverse standard reporting templates, suitable for many professions are also a strength that sets eSales DMS Solution apart.  

eSales Core Modules


UI / UX of eSales DMS Solution is very friendly and designed to suit the daily operation of each user: Salesperson, PG, Salesman, Sales Sup, Sales Admin. Along with being easy to use, the solution also simplifies processes, helping to optimize the time and operation of users in daily tasks such as sales, orders, KPI control daily, weekly, …  

Update market trends  

HQSOFT – Distribution & Retail Expert continuously invests annually in R&D so that the breaks are always up to date with the changes in the market, trends & behavior of end-users.   

With the HQSOFT Distribution and Retail Ecosystem, the systems add nRetail Platform, 1CX and Data Warehouse & BI solutions, and many other solutions,… help customers manage sales teams and agency channels but can also help them reach the consumer.  

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Easy to scale to other software or systems  

With many options, eSales DMS Solution makes it easy for customers to update and expand the current system when the enterprise grows without investing in the new system. eSales DMS Solution provides built-in ports with other methods such as ERP, CRM… to quickly help businesses build a complete technology system, consistent data, and interconnection with each other.  

With HQSOFT’s network of local partners – Distribution & Retail Expert in many countries worldwide, it is also easier for us to accompany customers as their business expands outside of Vietnam.   

See more about HQSOFT’s partners: HERE


eSales DMS solution uses modern technologies to develop, and HQSOFT also owns its tools and source code to optimize the solution, easily maintain and upgrade. Our solution is also easy to adapt to customers’ new requirements and integrate with many other external systems, with popular ERP systems such as SAP, Axapta, Navision, Oracle, FAST, Bravo …  


Support is a strength of HQSOFT – Distribution & Retail Expert and has been trusted by customers. HQSOFT’s staff is very young, dynamic, professional, and enthusiastic support. Customers and Partners can easily recognize when communicating or need support through the hotline or other channels. With the core value: Customers are the center, HQSOFT always strives to bring the best solution, help businesses maximize profitability, and optimize performance in distribution and retail.  

HQSOFT’s Core Value: Customer-Centric


We recognized that customer information is the company’s most valuable asset. Therefore, HQSOFT is committed to 100% security of customer data across infrastructure, applications, and daily support activities. HQSOFT does not share customer information without the customer’s consent, except in emergencies like government requests or the need to protect personal safety before the law.   

Security is a requirement commitment from HQSOFT to bring to customers. It is also the main reason to get HQSOFT – Distribution & Retail Expert has more than 500 customers, 70,000 users, and 50+ strategic partners corporations.  


With a specific experience and position in the distribution and retail market for more than 15 years, HQSOFT and eSales DMS Solution are proud to bring customers the most optimal, comprehensive solution and different quality services that meet the most satisfaction demanding customers. 

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