2021 was a memorable year and is almost over, let’s look back at the highlights of the past year with HQSOFT – Distribution & Retail Solution Expert.

In early 2021, HQSOFT and Taisho Vietnam kicked off The DMS Solution implementation Project with eSales Cloud DMS software. This was also a strategic project from the Board of Directors of Taisho Vietnam. The project helped Taisho Vietnam has an effective distribution management system to accelerate growth business in the Vietnam market.

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Every Tet’s Holiday has come, The Board of Director of HQSOFT has always been warmly sent the gratitude to the company’s Staffs, Partners and Clients. HQSOFT also has activities caring for Staff and YEP with many special gifts.

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Qui Phuc Furniture is one of HQSOFT’s typical customers in the Furniture industry. With the characteristics of furniture products that are cumbersome, occupy a large warehouse area, take a long time to transport to customers… HQSOFT has solved all the challenges through eSales Cloud DMS software.

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Ajinomoto is one of the reputable and ancient brands in Vietnam also in the world. Ajinomoto looking for the best DMS Solutions provider, They required many criteria and rigorous selection. And HQSOFT is honored to become a partner to deploy and apply eSales Cloud DMS for the food industry of Ajinomoto Vietnam last year.

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“Enhancing & Modernize Distribution Channel with Partners” is a name of a project that HQSoft implemented successfully to Zoetis Vietnam in August 2021. The project not only helped Zoetis Vietnam solve its “hard problem” such as inventory issues, market information, compensation information, partner system management,… but also helped Zoetis Vietnam improve its distribution system with partners and agents, becoming more developed and sustainable.

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Besides the domestic Clients & Partners, “Expanding the market – Reaching out the region” was an HQSOFT Focus Strategy of 2021. HQSOFT has cooperated and to be the strategic partner of many companies and corporation groups domestic and international. The similarity in customer segments, business development goals, and good quality products will bring the best result for the Board of Directors of the two parties on strategic cooperation.

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Also in this year, to bring the best solutions to meet the needs of customers and update the trends of the market and technology, HQSOFT has taken an important step that is upgrading the products. eSales Cloud DMS, nRetail, and Datawarehouse & BI to further perfect its Distribution and Retail ecosystem.

HQSOFT’S Solution: 

In addition, HQSOFT successfully deployed an ERP system to help connect all departments and internal processes of the company on a common system, this supports administration easier and more conveniently.

Good bye 2021 and Welcome the New Year 2022, as we look forward to an even better year full of promises and exciting journeys of HQSOFT in 2022!

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